Shannon Sharpe Prefers $20 Gas to President Trump

John Simmons | April 5, 2022

Many Americans could not stand former President Donald Trump for a variety of reasons, but everyone can agree that the gas prices during his term were far better than the prices we deal with today.

However, Shannon Sharpe thinks that it would be worse to have Trump back in office than to have gas prices nearly five times worse than the current national average.

One of Sharpe's Twitter followers asked the NFL Hall of Famer and co-host of the sports talk show Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED if he still disliked Trump, to which he gave an unmistakably strong response.

Talk about being short-sighted and stuck in your pride.

While anyone can agree that Trump was a controversial character, to say that you'd rather pay $20 per gallon is completely ridiculous. Of course, Sharpe could probably afford it with his salary, but going to the pump would still be a painful experience.

Outkick founder and CEO Clay Travis gave an equally straightforward response to the absurdity of Sharpe's dull take on if he would rather have Trump back or not. 

Fortunately for Sharpe, at the rate that gas prices are increasing today, he might actually get the best of both worlds (at least in his mind).