Shameless: The Left's Using Russia's Bloody War To Push Their LGBTQ Agenda

Brittany M. Hughes | March 8, 2022
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Russia is continuing its violent assault against the free people of Ukraine. Hundreds of people have reportedly been killed, including dozens of children. The war has caused no shortage of problems for the Western world, which is now faced with letting Putin murder innocent people or getting ourselves into a bloody war we don’t want to fight, and shouldn’t have to. The whole debacle is driving up oil prices that’ll hit low and middle class Americans in the wallet, and Biden’s apparently asking Maduro down in Venezuela to pull our fat out of the fryer and give us more oil because he’s too busy trying to appease the hemp chewers to drill for our own.

And amid all of this, the leftist media wants you to know who the real victims are and who is being impacted the most: transgenders.

Because you can’t let a bloody war get in the way of an agenda.