'Shameful': CNN's Stelter Slams 'Tiny Cable Channel' OANN Reporter For Saying Media Have 'Teamed Up With Chinese Communist Party Narratives'

Brittany M. Hughes | March 19, 2020

CNN Host Brian Stelter slammed OANN reporter Chanel Rion for openly claiming during a White House briefing Thursday that the liberal media have “teamed up with Chinese communist party narratives” to push the idea that calling the coronavirus the “Chinese virus” and highlighting its Chinese origin is somehow “racist.”

During the briefing, Rion asked Trump if he found it “disturbing” that many in the media, including White House correspondents who attend the briefings, have peddled narratives sympathetic to the Chinese government.

Stelter, whose home network CNN has repeatedly slammed Trump for calling the coronavirus the “Chinese virus” despite CNN’s doing the same back in January, called Rion’s question “shameful” and bashing OANN as a “tiny cable channel.”

The New York Times’ Katie Rogers took it a step further, calling Rion “[t]hat person in the briefing room, whom Trump considers a reporter.”

Whatever Stelter, Rogers and their liberal media counterparts might say, it’s painfully and objectively true that many in the media have not only used the coronavirus epidemic to bash Trump for everything from the falling stock market to his use of allegedly “racist” terms (check out Newsbusters for more examples than you can count), they’ve also peddled Chinese government propaganda verbatim by “reporting” the theory that the U.S. military is to blame for the virus’ spread, not the communist Chinese regime.