Shameful! British Gulf War Veteran Told to Take Down Union Jack Flag After Neighbor Called It a 'Nuisance'


Sometimes you have to wonder whether some people actually like living in the countries they live in. If they dislike the symbols that identify the country they live in as that particular country, why live in said country? It might be cliched, but if you don’t like what the country you live in stands for, wouldn’t you leave?

A Gulf War veteran wanted to fly the Union Jack flag in his own backyard, on his own property in Nottinghamshire, England. Andrew Smith, 51, even asked people in a local Facebook group whether it would be okay to fly the flag. He claims that "90-90 percent" of respondents responded positively.

But, one neighbor of 51-year-old Andrew Smith decided to be a jerk and complain that Smith’s flying of the flag was a “nuisance.” All it takes is one.

“He [the neighbor] said to me: ‘I hope you’re taking the flag down, it’s spoiling our view,’” Smith said. “Then we got a letter from [housing developer] Harron Homes saying they had been instructed by a solicitor that I have to take the flagpole down because it’s causing a nuisance.”

Following a complaint to the housing developer by the neighbor in question, Smith says that he has complied with the demand. Smith had no other choice but to take the flag down, because  Harron Homes threatened legal action if he didn’t. Harron Homes claims that they have no objection to “patriotism,” but the flag pole was too high.

While he complied with Harron Homes’ ridiculous demand, Smith didn’t shy away from publicly stating how he feels about the situation he currently finds himself in and the country that he loves:

We have become soft and don’t want to upset other people, whereas I have done my bit for my country and I’m proud to be British. I went to war for my country. It’s something close to my heart and every morning I feel like saluting it. We are becoming weak and spineless. Who are they to tell me not to fly the flag?

You’re not alone, Andrew. Many in this country seem to feel as though Americans are becoming weaker, which in turn downplays the importance of patriotism, especially towards veterans. One has to wonder whether the people who complain about patriotic displays deserve the protection of their freedoms by people like Smith.

I can't speak for them, but as noble as the members of our military are, a lot of them would most likely tell you that they fight for the rights of the people who disrespect them as well as those who support them. And that’s why a veteran should be able to fly the flag as proudly and as high as they want.

For video of this story, watch below:


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