Good Morning America Devotes a Whole Segment to a Child Drag Queen


From the billboards we see to the television programs we watch, it’s pretty easy to recognize we live in an over-sexualized society. This hyper-sexualization has no limits, even for children -- a fact made apparent in early November when people came face-to-face with a child drag queen during early morning television programming.

Good Morning America ran an entire segment on a 11-year-old boy named Desmond Napoles, whose parents allow him to wear make-up and dress in women’s clothes.

“I’m very proud of him. I’m proud that he’s found his path so early,” Demond's father - who seemed very afraid and uncomfortable - said. 

His mother went on to say her “greatest joy in this is just seeing Desmond happy.”

In the uncomfortable-to-watch video, Desmond walks out on the GMA set in a way that only a child drag queen could. As the crowd cheered him on he “struck a pose” on the floor - a pose most sane parents wouldn’t approve of.

The 11-year-old then talked about how he is glad he has parents who accept him, and how he enjoys wearing make-up and wigs.

“I love doing drag because it makes me feel amazing and self-expressive,” he said.

When GMA host Sara Haines posed the question, “It’s a tough world out there and not everyone’s accepting of things and some people have criticized you. What do you say to them?”

Desmond responded, “It’s fine.”

It’s so unfortunate when children are raised by parents who, in the name of being “progressive,” are actually hurting their child. Most parents won’t allow their child to have dessert before dinner because “it’s not good for them.” But these parents allow their child to dress in a way that seems most geared toward child predators.

Commenters on YouTube had a lot to say about this:





In perhaps the most ironic moment of the clip, Desmond chimes in that his mom “doesn’t like him to drink caffeine” - HUH?? Let’s get this straight: his mother doesn’t allow him to drink a common stimulant found in most beverages today, but she allows him to present himself as a hyper-sexualized female impersonator? 

If you dare, take a look at the video (which has triple the dislikes than likes) below:

H/T: Life Site News

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