Seth Meyers' Golden Globes Monologue Proves Our Loss of Manhood

Nick Kangadis | January 8, 2018
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For having a liberally-accused “misogynist” in the Oval Office, 2017 was most definitely the year of the woman. In fact, we could go one step further and proclaim the falsely alleged “war on women” is, in reality, a war on men. Well, actual men — not the soft, weak men that call themselves feminists.

Case-in-point: Seth Meyers gave a really weird monologue to kick off Sunday night's Golden Globes in which, ironically, the sounded a lot like he was apologizing for being a man.

Okay, that’s exactly what it was.

Meyers did his best eunuch impression in front of the #MeToo audience during a ceremony replete with social justice elitists, proclaiming that “sexual harassment finally isn’t” allowed in the year 2018.

Actually Seth, sexual harassment has been against the law since 1964. Look it up. I swear it’s a thing. The only thing that's changed is that sexual harassment “finally isn’t” allowed in Hollywood anymore -- or so it would seem. All of these elitist celebrities preaching to the rest of us somehow gained a conscience over the past year after covering up abuses for that have been going on for decades.

Where Meyers lost his stones — if he ever had any — was when he broached the subject of a man being the host of the ceremony so soon after the #MeToo movement was born.

Here’s the gutless portion of Meyers' monologue:

Considering what has been going on this year with powerful men and their terrible behavior in Hollywood, a lot of people thought it would be more appropriate for a woman to host these awards, and they may be right. But if it’s any consolation, I’m a man with absolutely no power in Hollywood. I’m not even the most powerful Seth in the room tonight. [points to Seth Rogen] Hey, remember when he was the guy making trouble with North Korea? Simpler times.

They tried to get a woman to host this show, they really did. They said, “Hey, how would you like to come and be judged by some of the most powerful people in Hollywood?” And women were like, “Hmm, well, where is it?” And they said, “It’s at a hotel,” and long story short, I’m your host tonight.

Seth Meyers, you’re my hero! Thank you for coming to the rescue of effeminate men everywhere! And, thank you for being the martyr that literally no one asked for, particularly the women of the #MeToo movement.

Did you see how Meyers got that veiled dig in on President Trump, too? Can’t forget to make fun of Donny, ad nauseam. 

In reality, any man chosen to host any of this year’s award shows faces the difficult task of capitulating to the modern feminist mafia currently poisoning our society.

Sexual harassment is of course awful, and I don’t have a problem with any punishment anyone receives if they’re actually guilty of the act. But, men seem to have been blanketly blamed to such a degree that some are actually apologizing for being men.

Sorry — not sorry — but that is a problem in and of itself.

For Meyers full monologue, watch below:

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