Really? Serena Williams Is Now Getting Compared to Kavanaugh


Remember how Serena Williams had what some might call a “temper tantrum” in her tennis match against Naomi Osaka?

Well that “temper tantrum” is somehow being connected with Brett Kavanaugh’s opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, called it “bulls**t” that his wife was to keep her emotions in check while she felt she was wrongly accused of cheating during her tennis match.  He compares this to how Brett Kavanaugh didn’t keep his emotions in check when he gave his testimony two weeks ago.

Imagine keeping it together during a "job interview" like that - if only.

The “bulls**t” remark was in response to a tweet, which read, “Funny how a black female tennis player is held to a higher standard to keep her emotions in check than a Supreme Court nominee.” 

People just like and agree with anything nowadays.

The crazy thing is these two situations are totally different  - and there is no reason to compare them.  Williams was playing a game - a game, I repeat! She felt she got the short end of the stick with several calls the chair umpire made.  She then blamed sexism for her problems instead of realizing she screwed up and her opponent was just better than her that day.

Kavanaugh was certainly not playing a game - he was dealing with sexual allegations that could destroy his life - I repeat, his life! He was defending his integrity, fighting for his family and trying to show these allegations were false.  There was no evidence to back up what his accusers claimed and the seventh FBI investigation couldn’t even find any corroboration. 

In Williams case there was evidence that she was receiving coaching, her coach even admitted to the coaching violation afterward.  There was also evidence that she broke her tennis racket and verbally abused the chair umpire - as that was all caught on video.

Though the differences are obvious, people will still stretch to find a way to make it into something it is not.

Thankfully not everyone is so thoughtless:

Again, there is no reason to compare these two completely different situations happening under a completely different set of circumstances.  

Now I will say, I totally expect Ohanian to defend his wife, hardly a surprising move.  But at the same time with a comparison like that,  I’m thinking, “come on, man!” At least argue from a legitimate standpoint.

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