Senseless Salon: The GOP Will Never Be The ‘Parents Party’

Michael Ippolito | August 3, 2022
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Conservatives worked for decades to overturn Roe V Wade, and will continue to do their best to save the lives of the unborn – that seems pretty pro-family. They’re fighting to keep radical gender and racialist propaganda out of public schools. Also pro-family. Not according to some abortion enthusiasts. 

Salon moonbat feminist Amanda Marcotte is claiming that the GOP will never be the “Parents Party.”

Marcotte claims that the Republican Party believes raising kids is not work at all. “Now that Republicans have achieved their goal of banning abortion and making motherhood mandatory, the mask is slipping away,” she writes. “They are now letting loose with their true belief: Child-rearing is dumb and easy, not even really work at all.” Looks like we’re off to a fantastic start. 

The crux of Marcotte’s argument is that raising children is primarily a women’s job so women should have the option to murder their children in the womb. “Despite the employment of gender-neutral terms like "parenting," the truth of the matter is child care and teaching are still largely relegated to the realm of "women's work," she writes. “And there's no number of saccharine slogans that will change the baseline conservatives' assumption that women's work doesn't count as real work.” It seems the conservative tendency to support motherhood over infanticide is too extreme for Marcotte to handle. Has she noticed who the real foot soldiers in the pro-life movement are? Mothers.

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“That's why Republicans so often talk about forcing motherhood on women like it's no bigger deal than asking them to pay a traffic ticket,” she says. “They can't imagine that being a mother is actually hard work, as their bumper stickers always say.” You know what’s more convenient than raising another human being, allowing that person to get murdered before they can grow up. 

Of course, Marcotte attacks Republicans for going after CRT and LGBT content in schools and blaming them for problems the left created. “That's always been evident from the GOP attitude towards teachers' unions, but it's only gotten more pronounced in recent months,” Marcotte continues. “The hysterics about fictional ‘critical race theory’ lessons in public schools, as well as their book banning push, provide Republicans even more cover to push their belief that being a schoolteacher is just glorified babysitting. Under the guise of shoring up the teacher shortage, both Arizona and Florida have dropped the requirement that public school teachers need to graduate college before getting a license to teach.” The horror.

Marcotte concludes her incoherent rant by playing the misogyny card. “The actual grunt work of turning children into functional adults has been concealed from such men by social structures that not only foist this work on women but guilt women into not bothering men with the details. It's just more misogyny,” she concludes. 

You heard it here first, motherhood is misogyny!