Sen. Tim Scott Blasted Democrats' Claim That America Is a Racist Nation - And Leftists Got Racist Real Quick

Brittany M. Hughes | April 29, 2021

In his rebuttal address to President Joe Biden’s radically socialist agenda, South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott, a black man whose father grew up picking cotton, declared that America is not, as Democrats like to say, a “racist nation.”

And leftists immediately set out to prove him wrong.

Shortly after Scott delivered his powerful rebuke of Biden’s race-baiting address, “#UncleTim” began trending on Twitter as liberals accused the black Senator of betraying his race. Here are just a few of the most racist tweets leftists blasted out against Scott.

Political and “LGBTQ news contributor” Scott Nevins, a white dude, saying Scott was “Uncle Tom’ing it up” in his address in a now-deleted tweet.


This racist chick using a racist reference to a “coon” to mock Scott.


“Bishop” Talbert Swan accusing Scott of “sycophantic bootlicking.”

Contributor Exavier Pope saying that Scott “does not represent Black people” because he doesn’t subscribe to left-wing groupthink.

This congressional candidate saying Scott has “Stockholm Syndrome.”

Activist Bree Newsome saying it’s not racist to call Scott “Uncle Tim.”

Perhaps it's worth considering that America itself isn't racist - but leftists sure are.