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Sen. Schumer: The Tea Party Is ‘Horrible, Disgusting’


If you are Tea Partier that believes in smaller government, personal and economic freedom, and following the Constitution Sen. Chuck Schumer (D.- NY) says you’re “horrible, disgusting, “ and that being anti-immigrant is among fundamental values.

Schumer popped up on MSNBC Tuesday defending caving on the government “Schumer Shutdown” over DACA. He was asked about dealing with the “super anti –immigrant hardliners in the Republican party,” when Schumer revealed his true feelings for those that consider themselves in the tea party.

“Well, first, the hard right has always opposed immigration,” Schumer said. “Donald Trump ran on an anti-immigration platform, the Tea Party, one of their fundamental values is anti-immigrant, which is horrible, disgusting. But that's who they are.” 

Yeah, I’m sure Schumer is really up on the “fundamental values” of the Tea Party, as he once again fails to note any difference between immigration and illegal immigration, but maybe it’s all the same to him, good ol’ Chuck, ‘Ellis Island’ Schumer.

“Let me say this, I am passionate about the Dreamers. My middle name is ‘Ellis, Ellis Island,’ Schumer told the viewing audience.

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