Sen. Paul to Have Part of His Lung Removed As A Result of 2017 Assault

Eric Schaffer | August 5, 2019
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Rand Paul (R-KY) announced on Monday that he would have to limit his “August activities” as a result of long-term injuries which have plagued Paul since his neighbor’s violent assault on him in 2017.

“Part of my lung damaged by the 2017 assault had to be removed by surgery this weekend,” the Kentucky Senator continued. “The doctors, nurses, & staff at Vanderbilt University Medical Center were great. I should be able to return to the Senate in September.”

Paul’s injuries came after his neighbor, Rene Boucher, tackled him from behind and proceeded to leave Paul with six broken ribs and three displaced fractures. According to Fox News, “his recovery was complicated by fluid and blood around the lungs, and pneumonia.”

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