Sen. Markey: Not Over! ‘Now Is The Era Of The Green New Deal’

Eric Scheiner | March 27, 2019
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When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars….oh wait, it’s not the “Age of Aquarius”  - it’s the “Era of the Green New Deal,” according to Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.)

In the ‘Age of Aquarius’ love will steer the stars, and that makes much more sense than the details of the airplane banning, anti-bovine flatulence specifics that were originally outlined in the Green New Deal.

13 senators signed on to sponsor a resolution to create a Green New Deal, but no senator actually voted for it when it was called to a vote on Tuesday.

Sen. Ed Markey, who put forth the resolution, called actually holding a vote on his own resolution a “sham.” He, himself, voted “present” on his own measure and watched it receive absolute rejection in a 57-0 vote.

On Monday, he proclaimed the vote would mark the beginning of a grand new era of greenness and transform democracy with all workers uniting together.

“Tomorrow's vote won't end this debate,” Markey said at an event in Boston.  “It will only be the beginning. And that's because now is the era of the Green New Deal. The Green New Deal has the power to transform our economy and democracy while protecting those frontline and vulnerable communities who have been most affected by fossil fuel pollution. And it will bring all workers along while creating millions of good jobs in the energy sector in our country. It will be job creation that is good for all of creation.”

It seems Markey is waiting for that “mystic crystal revelation” to come….oops, sorry, wrong era.