Sen. Lee Scorches Left: ‘They Want Docility  -And Judge Amy Coney Barrett Is Not Going To Give It To Them’

Eric Scheiner | October 22, 2020
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The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 12-0 Thursday to advance the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

10 Democratic senators on the committee boycotted the vote. Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) scorched them for their actions.

“At every step along the way, our side has used our constitutional authority and the other side has abused its authority. There is no tit for tat. There's just tat. Democrats killed Judge Bork's nomination for partisan political reasons. They killed Miguel Estrada's nomination for partisan political reasons. They slandered Justice Thomas, Justice Alito and Justice Kavanaugh for partisan political reasons. They nuked the filibuster again for partisan political reasons. And now they're trying to scuttle this meeting, this hearing, this vote for partisan political reasons.

“When it comes to the judiciary, abuse of power is their agenda. Now, the left seems to think that the Supreme Court exists for this purpose and that it exists to impose their very worst ideas - onto the public, onto those recalcitrant members of the public, those people we call citizens who refuse blindly to go along with their entitled extremism. 

“They want the court to empower abortion activists and woke performance artists, campus and corporate elites and social media outrage addicts to tell everyone how to live  - without votes, without accountability and without debate.

“Taking debatable matters and placing them beyond debate seems to be their formula. They don't want democracy, they don't want representative government, they want docility. And Judge Amy Coney Barrett is not going to give it to them. “