Sen. Lee: The Pro-Life Movement Is Gaining Strength ‘Because Of Science’

Eric Scheiner | June 20, 2019
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Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) says science is what’s pushing lawmakers in various states to pass strong pro-life laws.

In a MRC Facebook live stream Tuesday, Lee was asked about the pro-life bills protecting the unborn that are passing in many states.

“I think it’s happening now in part because of science, because of innovations in technology that allow us to see in side a mother’s womb, to see that this is in fact – a baby,” Lee said.

“We had a number of decisions foisted upon our Republic by a judicial oligarchy. These were decisions -there is a lot of line drawing that inheres in the legislative process. 

Those judicial oligarchs chose to make this a matter of federal Constitutional law  - stripped of debatable matter - and took it beyond debate by incorporating it lock, stock and barrel into the Constitution as if were somehow was mentioned in the Constitution which of course it is not. 

People were getting wise the fact that the science is catching up with that and with the fact that the jurisprudence itself is very difficult to defend. This in turn is leading to a very laudable effort to protect human life.”

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