Sen. Lee: Facebook And Twitter Are ‘A Stunning Display Of Hypocrisy & Favoritism’

Eric Scheiner | October 15, 2020
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Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) is sounding off on the social media censorship of the NY Post’s story implicating Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in Ukrainian corruption.

“It's certainly a stunning display of hypocrisy and of favoritism,” Lee told Fox News Thursday morning. “Now, look, you've got Twitter and Facebook providing alternating explanations for what happened. First, they said this is misinformation, so we didn't want to run with it. Well, of course, they've been running with misinformation for years. “

“They've printed all sorts of things on Trump that was itself illegally obtained. So what we see going on here is a blatant display of favoritism and hypocrisy among these tech companies it’s deeply disturbing.”

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