Sen. Kennedy: Trusting Biden on Border Like Trusting 'Weinstein With Your Daughter'

Gabriel Hays | September 17, 2021

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) had a brutal comparison for President Biden’s disturbing and disastrous handling of the southern border since he has been on the job.  During a segment with Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, Kennedy compared our commander-in-chief to convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein.

Oh this is going to be good. 

The Fox News program brought on the politician to comment on the disastrous state of the U.S. border with Mexico, which under the Biden administration, is set to allow around two million illegal immigrants into the country by the end of Sleepy Joe’s first year in office.

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Kennedy was invited to discuss recent photos and aerial footage showing a massive crowd of illegal immigrants under an overpass in Del Rio, TX. According to Texas officials the crowd doubled in size in a single day and now has around 10,000 people in it waiting (mostly Haitians) to be processed by Customs and Border Patrol. 

The images just sum up the current crisis.

Senator Kennedy pulled no punches in his assessment Biden’s border leadership: “But when it comes to illegal immigration, you just can’t trust the Biden administration.”

And then came one of the most brutal takedowns of Biden yet. Kennedy added, “It would be like trusting Harvey Weinstein with your daughter.” 

Ouch! And the hilarious thing is probably Kennedy wasn’t even thinking about Biden’s weird, inappropriate sniffing of females.

Kennedy followed his savage burn with more blistering assessments of how the current administration is handling things. “When it comes to illegal immigration, the Biden administration lies like they breathe. They’re like timeshare salesmen, they’re peerless.”

Well that's quite a way to say that the Biden administration is feeding us a whole plate of BS on the border situation. According to the Senator, they aren’t doing anything. He accused Biden of having “an open border policy.” 

“The truth is that this year we’ll have well over 2 million people coming into our country, allowed in by the president and we don’t have the slightest idea who they are,” Kennedy told the FNC hosts.

Not to mention, how many of these people could have COVID? But are they being forced to get vaccinated? Nope, only law-abiding, job-holding American citizens are, but I digress.

Kennedy also claimed that the current administration is making a mistake in thinking that the majority of Americans are OK with this open border policy. “I think this is illegal and I think they are also misreading the American people. The American people support legal immigration. That's why we welcome about a million of our world's neighbors every year to become American citizens legally.”

And Americans are well to remember that to counteract the guilt trip that the media gives us when they say we want border control because we’re racist. Are we really going to allow 2 million people will walk right in like they own the joint?