Sen. Kennedy: Biden Should ‘Hide His Head In A Bag’

Eric Scheiner | August 18, 2021
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Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) issued a video statement on Tuesday, slamming Joe Biden’s handling of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

"This was humiliating. It was an embarrassment. The president oughta hide his head in a bag," Kennedy said.

“What we saw was stunning incompetence,” Kennedy said. “There was no reason it had to be so chaotic. We all saw it – the panic, the fear, the chaos.”

Kennedy is not alone in expressing his disappointment with the "big guy." Members of the U.S. Congress, including many of Biden's fellow Democrats, are vowing to investigate what went wrong.

In a statement on Monday, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), the Democratic Intelligence Committee chairman said:

As the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I hope to work with the other committees of jurisdiction to ask tough but necessary questions about why we weren’t better prepared for a worst-case scenario involving such a swift and total collapse of the Afghan government and security forces. We owe those answers to the American people and to all those who served and sacrificed so much. 

“The images from Afghanistan that we’ve seen in recent days are devastating,” Warner said.

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