Sen. Kaine To Democrats: Trump's 'Not Impeachable'


Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) says he told some of his fellow Democrats that they can’t impeach President Trump for doing what he said “he was going to do."

"That’s not impeachable,” said Kaine.

During a roundtable in England on February 24, the former 2016 Democratic vice presidential candidate told an audience that  Trump can not be impeached for delivering on his campaign promises.

“Just because he does things that are unpopular – he said he was going to do those things,” Kaine said.

“You know, I have some on the Democratic side, ‘well, we should impeach him because of this or that.’ I said, were you not listening to what he said on the campaign trail? Because the things that you don’t like are things he said he was going to do.”

“That’s not. You know, that’s not impeachable," he continued. "People voted for him, in some ways in spite of that, but some people voted for him because of those things."


Don’t think that Democrats have given up all hope of impeaching Trump, however.

“Look, the president is going to serve a full term,” Kaine said. "Unless, in an investigation there was some direct evidence of collusion with an adversary.”

“If there is direct evidence of collusion between Canada, Trump and Russia to cyber attack an American election - that is going to be an existential question that both parties will have to confront in Congress.”

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