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Sen. John Kennedy Takes Dems to Task For Bloated Virus Bill: Congress is 'Being Run By a Bunch of Idiots'


In a time where we're all frustrated with either having to stay in the house or there just being nothing to do because of the current pandemic, it's sometimes a welcome sight to see a member of Congress call out his colleagues for shuffling their feet and playing politics while the rest of us sit here wondering what's next.

That welcome sight was Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) both on the Senate floor and during his appearance on Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Monday.

Kennedy appeared on host Tucker Carlson's show after he made a couple of comments in the Senate that stood out following the inability of Congress not to play politics with people's lives.

"You know what the American people are thinking right now, Mr. [Senate] President?" Kennedy began. "They're thinking that this country was founded by geniuses, but it's being run by a bunch of idiots."

Kennedy's subsequent appearance on Carlson's program was filled with great soundbites, chiding his fellow members of Congress for their inability to see past their own noses.

One comment in particular stood out to me, and I felt it was very profound.

"I think that they [Democrats] think that they have the Republicans over a barrel, and the president [Donald Trump]," Kennedy said. "You know, reality calls, and Congress is hanging up."

For Kennedy's full comments, the entirety of which should be commended, watch below:


A-freakin-men! I couldn't agree more. What Kennedy said actually reminded me of a few lyrics from the typically lefty rock band Radiohead's 2001 song, "Like Spinning Plates."

While you make pretty speeches

I'm being cut to shreds

You feed me to the lions

A delicate balance

And this is what I've been saying all along. If the politicians and the media actually cared about the people, we wouldn't have half of the back-and-forth that we currently see from both entities. Things would get done, and the people would essentially feel like they're in charge. Alas, that's not the world we live in.

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