Sen. Hirono Fundraises Off Kavanaugh Accusations, Claims 'He Knows He's Guilty'

Brittany M. Hughes | September 24, 2018
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Sen. Mazie Hirono has taken allegations against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh to a new – and totally unsurprising – low. 

Since news first broke last weekend that California professor Christine Ford had accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her during a party back in high school, the Hawaii Democratic senator has been quick to paint Kavanaugh as undeniably guilty in a whirlwind series of media briefings and interviews, catapulting from “she says he did” to “he probably did” to “he’s absolutely guilty” in less time than it took Kavanaugh to realize someone had accused him of something.

And now, she’s fundraising off it.

In an email on behalf of the George Soros-funded leftists voting campaign, Hirono claims Kavanaugh “knows he’s guilty” of the alleged assault (which so far has produced no witnesses or proof) and encourages readers to donate to Democrats in response. 

In the lengthy email, Hirono claims, “If Kavanaugh is innocent, why isn't he calling for a full investigation to prove it unequivocally? I worry that the answer is that he knows he is guilty. And if that's the case, we absolutely must do everything we can to stop him.”

She then continues:

If you are ready to fight with me and MoveOn until the last vote is cast, and then work to defeat the incredibly disrespectful Republicans who are trying to ram Kavanaugh's nomination through, will you chip in $3 right now?

Yes, I'm ready to help make sure that Republicans shut up, step up, and do the right thing—or pay for it by losing extra seats in this fall's election.

Leave it to the left to shamelessly profit off a woman they’re claiming to protect at the expense of a man they can’t prove did anything wrong.