Sen. Graham Says He Believes Kavanaugh, Adds Protesters Can 'Yell All They Want To'


After delivering one of the strongest and most impassioned rebukes we've seen in the Senate in…well, far too long, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham doubled down with a scathing response to the screaming hoard of protesters who accosted him walking down a hallway in Congress late Thursday night.

Talking to reporters, Graham ignored the mob losing their collective mind behind him, telling the media he believes Brett Kavanaugh “absolutely” when the SCOTUS nominee says he's never sexually assaulted women, and that the hecklers could “yell all they want to” about it.

"These people can yell all they want to. Doesn't matter. I believe him. You asked me if I believe him? I believe him," Graham told reporters.

The South Carolina lawmaker added he believes Christine Blasey Ford was "abused by the process," calling other allegations that Kavanaugh helped run a gang rape ring in high school "despicable."

"It's all about power. It's all about delaying," he said of Senate Democrats' efforts to force Kavanaugh to withdraw from nomination to the Supreme Court.

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