Sen. Daines: I Hope Canada’s Keystone Lawsuit ‘Wakes Up The Woke’ On Energy Security

Eric Scheiner | May 25, 2022
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During a during a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing last week,

Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) questioned witnesses from the Canadian Government about how Joe Biden’s cancelation of the Keystone pipeline damaged relations and has hurt Americans at the gas pump.

Noting that Alberta has filed a suit against the United States seeking $1.3 billion in damages as a result of Biden’s executive order canceling the pipline, Daines quoted from the lawsuit.

“The Biden administration's decision to revoke the Keystone XL pipeline, and I quote, resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs, caused systemic harm to the American, Canadian and Albertan economies and diminished the highly integrated North American energy system upon which future North American prosperity will continue to rely. We just saw gas prices hit an all-time record,” Daines said.

Premier of Alberta Jason Kenny responded, “It creates a very problematic precedent to retroactively veto a project that's been approved. The borderline - the border crossing of that KXL had been built between Saskatchewan and Montana with the government of Alberta as a co-owner. So, you have a foreign government investing in a project, making an investment predicated on the certainty of the US regulatory process, clearly in the mutual economic interests of both countries being retroactively vetoed.”

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Kenny noted the approvals the project had received from the American government.

“The US State Department under former Secretary Clinton concluded not once but twice through exhaustive, exhaustive studies that KXL would have had a lower emissions profile than the alternative, which is increasingly shipping by rail. And I would point out that most of the major US unions supported the Steelworkers, Teamsters Building Trades and others. Now it's done and dusted KXL behind us. But I hope that the invasion of Ukraine and the imperative of energy security causes a fundamental rethink about these issues in Washington.”

“Well, I hope it wakes up the woke because it's a dangerous ideology and people are suffering because what this administration is doing of this, - ‘keep it in the ground, shut off fossil fuels.’ And it's a it's a huge concern, as you heard today, from many on this committee,” Daines responded.


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