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Bernie Sanders Praises Communist China For Environmental Progress, While China Leads World In Pollution


Sen. Bernie Sanders has a thing for irony.

From praising the Soviet Union for their progress to saying Venezuela was closer to the American dream than America, the Vermont lawmaker never ceases to trash the U.S. while praising totalitarian countries abroad. In a tweet posted Wednesday, Sanders actually praised the communist Chinese government in their pursuit of green energy and again demonizes America saying that we need to do better. 

Of course, the Chinese are not usually know in their pursuit of a cleaner environment. In fact, when looking at trends such as global CO2 emissions, plastic waste, and electrical production methods, China actually leads the world in pollution.

If Sanders, for just a few seconds, could stop praising totalitarian regimes and demonizing our free country, maybe he would see just how toxic China is compared to the U.S. - literally. While Sanders and the article he linked to the tweet praise China on their use of battery-powered buses, both he and the article fail to mention that those buses would then draw their energy from the electrical grid -- a grid that almost completely reliant on fossil fuels (80 percent to be exact). So while these buses might not be directly spitting out CO2, they certainly still rely on the fossil fuels that Sanders consistently demonizes. In addition, the batteries that power these buses have been shown to not be much better than gas vehicles in a study done by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

China also leads the world in CO2 emissions and shows no signs of slowing down. They're also the global leader in dumping plastic into the ocean.

But wait, there's more! The presence of trichlorofluoromethane (CFC-11), a banned gas that has been known to erode the ozone layer of our atmosphere that was outlawed by the Montreal Protocol -- an agreement that China had signed -- has actually increased in our atmosphere. And, surprising absolutely no one, China was found responsible for dumping this ozone-killing gas into the air.

True to himself, Sanders continues to trash America, who is leading the world in CO2 REDUCTIONS and praises totalitarian regimes that dump their trash on the world.

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