Sen. Ben Sasse Tweeted About His Dog. So of Course, Liberals Got Nasty.

Brittany M. Hughes | July 14, 2017
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In a lighthearted tweet posted on Thursday, Republican Senator Ben Sasse relayed the funny message he’d just gotten from his wife after the family dog Teddy went to the vet to have"little teddies" removed.


Of course, rather than simply laughing at Sasse’s humorous personal moment, left-wing Twitter just couldn’t let neutered dogs lie, and instead hijacked the Nebraska senator’s tweet to blast the GOP’s new health care bill.


One guy saw the tweet as a chance to take a swing at President Trump...

...while another person took a jab at the senator’s pro-life stance.


At least one user had the decency to call out those addicted to over-politicizing everything.


It's worth noting that none of these tweets conveyed sympathy for poor Teddy -- who, let's be honest, was the real victim here. But if the left can’t even laugh at a simple tweet like this without getting their panties all twisted, maybe the partisan hatred has gone just a little too far.

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