Selfies Could Be Leading to Increase In Head Lice Cases

danjoseph | May 10, 2016
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A spike in cases of middle and high school students contracting head lice is leading some to speculate that selfies could be the culprit

"Kids are putting their heads together and taking pictures like that and touching heads and that's all it takes to spread lice," said Michele Barrack, of Lice Lifters Treatment Center.

Okay, that actually makes a lot of sense. (On a side note, imagine going to a party and telling people that you work for the “Lice Lifters Treatment Center.” I'd imagine that could put a damper on your social life.)

Checking for lice on the heads of school children has been a common practice for some time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that every year up to 12 million children between three and 11 years old are affected by lice.

But recently, lice experts have noticed a change in the demographics of those contracting the tiny little parasites. 

"I've seen I would say half of my clientele is now middle and high school versus elementary school," Barrack said. 

Social media lice. It’s still only a theory, but to be safe, I would keep my hair to myself. A cute picture for your Facebook profile isn’t worth the possibility of having your scalp infested with insects. 

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