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Selfie-Taker Falls Off Bridge


A selfie-taker is lucky to be alive, after she fell 60 feet off a bridge.

KOVR-TV reports, a Sacramento woman survived a 60-foot fall from the Foresthill Bridge in Placer County, Calif. last Tuesday. The woman was taking photo selfies when the incident happened.

Paul Goncharuk was in the group of friends in an off-limits section of the bridge when the young lady lost her footing.




"They were taking a picture on the bridge and then the big bolts that are holding the beams together, she stepped on them kind of weirdly and lost balance and fell backwards," Goncharuk said last week.

He said she was knocked unconscious, suffered a deep gash to her arm and fractured some bones that will require surgery, but she will be OK.

Video posted by sheriff's deputies showed first responders taking the woman by stretcher to an awaiting helicopter ambulance.

Deputies say the selfie-taker is lucky to be alive.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office says the young woman and her friends from Sacramento were on the girders underneath the bridge – a closed part of the popular landmark.


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