SEIU Protesters Take Over Bank Headquarters

Stephen Gutowski | March 21, 2011
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The thing about this video that is repulsive to me isn't necessarily the storming of a private office by screeching idiots. After all they didn't assault anybody and eventually left with out having to be arrested. The real bothersome part of this video is why they were at this particular bank. Watch and see what I mean:

Yea. They were there because they didn't like the CEO's position on labor negotiations at a hospital that was completely and utterly unaffiliated with the bank whose business they were purposely disrupting. These people have no decency.

The message they are sending by doing this is "you damn well better do what we want or we will make every single aspect of your life a living hell". "We will storm the capital". "We will come to your place of business". "We will come to your home".

"We will not relent until you submit".

Frankly though this all sounds like little more than the angry squeals of a dying monster.

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