Seething: Pink News Horrified at ‘Straight Pride’ Poster on Glasgow Church

Wallace White | July 14, 2022
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Hell hath no fury like LGBT activists mocked. Just look at Pink News and its reaction to a “straight pride” poster on a church door in Glasgow, Scotland.

A member of the public, according to Pink News, found the poster on the front door of Cathcart Congregational Church on July 11. The poster reads, “Straight pride – because you wouldn’t be here without normal people.” The poster has sparked outcry from LGBT people and supporters. 

I mean, it’s technically correct that gay men and lesbian woman owe their existence to a straight person somewhere, and that heterosexuality is the vast biological and statistical norm for all of the animal kingdom including humans. 

So what’s the objection?

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Well, a local resident said it was “ridiculous and homophobic,” and another said it was “absolutely disgusting.” The perpetrator is currently unknown at this time, but what is known is that the LGBT community and their army of apologists are not happy at this poster that dared to reveal an uncomfortable truth.

Their only ‘argument’ against the poster is that it’s mean and hurts their feelings. Genius.

This incident comes in wake of Glasgow Pride weeks before, which saw anti-LGBT protestors countering the pride festival. They called upon the LGBT community to “repent” for the “sin” of homosexuality, a well-known Christian position. The protestors weren’t even hateful, as this tweet from Pink News shows their tame signs they brought.

Scotland is certainly already far-gone in terms of its acceptance of the LGBT agenda, with the own government saying its committed to “promoting LGBT+ culture.” 

God forbid anyone push back against the relentless march of the global liberal order. 


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