See How Easy That Is? Virginia Rally Attendees Pick Up Trash Following Event

Nick Kangadis | January 20, 2020
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You know how you see mountains of trash on the streets following pretty much any kind of large-scale protest by leftists, feminists and even environmentalists? Well, I’m not saying that there won’t be any trash at all on the streets of Richmond following the Second Amendment rally on Lobby Day in Virginia’s state capital, but I did see something I rarely — if ever — have seen at any protest by the left.

The rally-goers in Richmond actually picked up after themselves.

Take a look:

How about that? Isn’t it amazing that people can throw out their own garbage after using whatever it is they were done with?

Those on the left that will predictably trash this story (pun very much intended) didn’t say much after news surfaced that cleanup crews had to remove “48 million pounds of trash” from the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp in North Dakota in 2017.

These people were supposedly environmentalists and couldn’t clean up after themselves. Attendees of the rally in Richmond were there for a few hours and seem to have brought garbage bags with them.

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