Second Project Veritas Video Shows Alleged Pay-For-Ballot Scheme Involving Ilhan Omar & Claims of 'Interpreters' Voting for People in Booths

Nick Kangadis | September 29, 2020
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If the allegations of “voter fraud” through “ballot harvesting” in Minneapolis, Minn. was enough to raise the interest of the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) to look into possible voting corruption involving both Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and a local, recently elected member of the Minneapolis City Council, then the second installment of undercover journalism outlet Project Veritas’ expose on the matter might be of interest as well.

Project Veritas released part two of their expose into alleged ballot harvesting late Monday evening, purportedly showing money being exchanged for a voter’s ballot and talk that “interpreters” for Somali voters are telling the person they’re translating for which candidate should get their vote while in the booth with them.

Early in the second video, a “ballot harvester” is heard telling a “voter” how to fill out their registration form in exchange for money.

“This is how you fill it [voter registration form] out,” the alleged harvester told the voter. “Put your first name, last name, address, telephone number, ID number, or the last four digits of your Social Security number. After that, you will sign it, that’s all.”

“Yes,” the voter responded, “tonight we close the deal [money]. Okay?”

“Now take this [money] for your pocket change,” the harvester told the voter.

“Okay, when I fill it out, I’ll bring it to you,” the voter said.

“That’s clear,” the harvester concluded. “That’s clear.”

At another point in the video, one alleged “ballot harvester” spoke about concerns over their supposed voter fraud activities.

Here are comments made by alleged “ballot harvester” Osman Ali Dahquane in a conversation with “insider” Omar Jamal:

Dahquane: A lot of people will go to jail if this continues. If this continues this direction many people go to prison, or no one will vote in the city of Minneapolis. It is very, very corrupt.

Jamal: Are they afraid?

Dahquane: Until someone gets arrested, they are not afraid.

Jamal: Yeah?

Dahquane: Until people are accused, charges pressed, proven that they paid money [for votes] and go to prison. We are in trouble if they come after us. We are in big trouble if they come after us.

Dahquane also said in the video that they took money given to another candidate and gave it to Omar to allegedly buy votes.

"The black guy [Antone Melton-Meaux] has most of the money," Dahquane said. "But we took the money from him and we voted for Ilhan [Omar]. That was my idea. Everyone tool his [Antone Melton-Meaux] money and then voted against him."

"Did Ilhan [Omar] pay any money?" Jamal asked.

"Yes, but she paid the wrong guys," Dahquane responded.

Through a translator, another “ballot harvester” (BH) talks about supposed “interpreters” voting for people while in the booth with them in a conversation with a Project Veritas (PV) journalist:

BH: They will make sure that you vote, and then once they do that on the way back, ride home, they give you the money in the car.

PV: How will they make sure that voted for her [Ilhan Omar]?

BH: When the papers come, they mark her name. They help us at the voting booth. They allow interpreter.

PV: At the voting booth? They allow them to help you vote?

BH: Yeah.

PV: So they walk up to the booth with you and they vote with you.

BH: Yeah. Though we do not speak English, they enter the polling station with us and they mark it [ballot] for us. They go inside with us and they help us. And they actually do that inside there.

PV: So, inside the booth, the person goes in and actually votes for you.

BH: Yes.

PV: So, you never even get a chance to vote. Does, does he, he never really votes. It’s another person.

BH: Yes, they help us and take us there. Yeah, they actually are the ones who vote, the people don’t usually — yeah, they do the voting.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe once again noted, as he did towards the conclusion of the first of these videos, the penalty for illegally voting for someone else.

“Federal law says anyone who votes for others is violating 52 USC 10307, punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine,” O’Keefe said. “The law is clear. Buying votes is illegal.”

For the full second part of Project Veritas expose on possible voter fraud in Minneapolis, watch below: