Sec. Blinken Seems to Admit Biden Chose to Break Deal with Taliban Which Led to Takeover

Nick Kangadis | September 13, 2021
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Monday afternoon, Secretary of State Antony Blinken seemed to admit that President Joe Biden and his regime bungled the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Whether or not he understood that’s what he was doing is another question. But, if you look and listen to his words in full context, it’s not exactly clear how else someone could construe his statements — although, the establishment media and leftist politicians will most likely either ignore said statements or twist in their favor.

Blinken was testifying in front of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Monday when the committee chair Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.) asked him whether the Biden regime ever considered “renegotiating” the deal with the Taliban that former President Donald Trump’s administration originally brokered with them.

Here is Blinken’s complete response, word for word, so you can decide for yourselves:

The Taliban made abundantly clear in many public statements, private statements to us, to others around the world that it was going to hold us to the deadline that the previous administration negotiated in terms of withdrawing the remaining American forces. It made very clear that if we moved past that deadline it would resume the attacks that it had stopped on our forces and on our allies and partners, as well as to commence the onslaught on the cities that we’ve seen in recent months.

And so, that was exactly the choice that President Biden faced, whether to go forward with the agreement and the commitments that his predecessor had made, withdrawing all forces by May 1st or return to war with the Taliban and escalate not end the war.

Now, Mister Chairman as you know, what the president did do was to take some risk in extending past May 1st the time we would use to actually withdraw our forces so that we could do it in the safest and most orderly way possible. So, he extended that deadline til September.

How else could you interpret those statements? It seems pretty straight forward to anyone with ears, or that can read, that Blinken seemed to admit the president and his regime made the choice to break the deal that they knew the Taliban was holding the U.S. to the agreement made.

For video of Meeks’ question and Blinken’s answer, watch below: