Sebastian Gorka Says 'President Trump IS Running' in 2024 During MRCTV Interview

Nick Kangadis | September 23, 2022
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I got to speak to a bunch of great and very special guests at the Media Research Center's (MRC) 35th Anniversary Gala Wednesday evening. One of those very special guests was none other than the "best baritone in politics," host of the "America First" radio show Dr. Sebastian Gorka.

Gorka took a few minutes to chat with MRCTV and give his insight into the present and future of the conservative movement, as well as the direction of the country.

A lot of people are waking up who weren’t necessarily Republicans, or even Democrats, you know, saying ‘Enough is enough. We need to take back America.’ So yeah, it’s gonna be a good midterm. President Trump is running. He will be back in the White House if we do our part. But, we have to do our part.

For the full interview, watch below:


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