Seattle PD Reportedly Abandoning Precinct as Protesters Attempt to Claim Area as Their Own

Nick Kangadis | June 10, 2020

It’s almost as if some of the protesters, rioters and looters want to live in a dystopia typically reserved for sci-fi movies like it’s a preferred way to live. It’s as I’ve said recently, ‘some people just want to watch the world burn.’ Leave it to the left coast to lead the way in inching closer to the previously mentioned dystopia.

According to local reporter, the Seattle Police Department (SPD) is apparently prepared to abandon their East Precinct and basically leave it to the protesters - if you can still call them that.

KCPQ reporter Brandi Kruse tweeted on Tuesday about the SPD not announcing any plans to re-enter the East Precinct after removing valuable items from the location. Essentially, they’ve left the building to the protesters, who have named the area “Free Capitol Hill.”

Kruse’s report came just a day after the SPD announced they would be reopening the streets in the area close to the East Precinct and “allow protesters to march past.” Once the valuables were removed and the windows boarded up, that’s when police opened up the area. However, Kruse noted in a video post to Twitter that SPD were nowhere to be found after protesters were allowed to basically surround the East Precinct.

As The Blaze reported, it looks as if the protesters are claiming the area as theirs, and they “don’t take kindly to journalists.”

But I thought this was about “justice for George?” It would be almost laughable at this point if it weren’t so sad.