Seattle 'Autonomous Zone' Protesters Call 911 Over Literal Dumpster Fire

Brittany M. Hughes | June 12, 2020
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Protesters who’ve set up their own “autonomous zone” spanning several city blocks in Seattle had to call 911 to put out a literal dumpster fire they’d set in their shantytown.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Photos and videos began circulating on Thursday night of a literal dumpster fire – not just the metaphorical one that pretty well describes...well, Seattle – was started just outside the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” a ramshackle community hastily erected by Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists who’ve cordoned off an entire section of the city using old fencing, police barricades and other debris. The hippie commune has set up lean-to shelters and their own bullying, leaderless “security” team, shaking down businesses unlucky enough to have fallen within their own self-proclaimed community boundary.

But apparently, they haven’t gotten around to establishing their own fire department. Protesters had to call emergency services after the dumpster fire began raging out of control Thursday, threatening their shantytown.

Once the blaze was put out by taxpayer-funded emergency responders, protesters went back to screaming about fascism, police oppression and how socialism can save us all.