Screen Actors Guild Health Plan Offers Reimbursement For Abortion Travel Expenses

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | August 16, 2022
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I guess you can't be a celebrity and a mom after all.

Hollywood’s largest union, SAG-AFTRA,  just announced that it will reimburse actors for out-of-state travel and lodging expenses. 

The decision to include reimbursement was supposedly unanimously approved in order to “ensure participants will continue to have access to safe abortion services regardless of where they live or work.”

The release indicated that even if a member lives in a state where abortion access is illegal, she can travel out-of-state to obtain the procedure — full expenses paid. Essentially, SAG-AFTRA is offering to pay for an all inclusive vacation to terminate a pregnancy. 

It’s not surprising that this Hollywood union is encouraging the slaughter of the unborn. Think about it. Celebrities who are actively working in shows or movies cannot all of a sudden become pregnant as it won't fit for their character within the story. Similarly, it is a lot less time off for a woman to take a weekend and travel for an abortion then it is for her to spend nine months pregnant then have a child to tend and take care of. Not to mention, its cheaper for healthcare insurance providers to cover a one-and-done abortion than it is for them to cover pre-natal care. Of course SAG-AFTRA is promoting abortion. 

SAG-AFTRA has an estimated “160,000 members,” Breitbart reported. That’s a hell of a lot of potential abortions being offered and encouraged. 

The union, however, is behind the curve. Netflix, Disney, and Warner Bros. Discovery have all pledged to support these abortion vacations. 

Newsbusters also reported Hollywood’s history of boycotting certain areas in protest to abortion bans.  The Writers Guild of America East urged Hollywood to abandon filming in states that affirm life. 

Hollywood celebrities themselves are also huge fans of abortion and routinely use their platform to push their radical abortion views.

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Even CA Governor Newsom demanded that Hollywood return to California for filming in order to help them gain access to abortions. 

It really is a shame that our entertainment industry has the desire to slaughter unborn babies running through its veins. Hopefully things will turn around and Hollywood will start to value life. Don’t sit on the edge of your seat waiting though. 

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