SCOTUS Roe Leak Sends David Hogg Off-line

Matt Philbin | May 3, 2022
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Well, we finally learn what it takes to get David Hogg to shut up. It seems only the Supreme Court can mute the supremely opinionated and abysmally ignorant adolescent leftist. Well, not really the Court. It didn’t order him to be silent. What did was the pressure from the identity politics pieties of his fellow progs.

In the aftermath of the leaked SCOTUS draft opinion that would finally overturn Roe Vs. Wade, Hogg got hissy. The survivor of a mass murder was angered that the Court would outlaw mass murder. Things were said. Tweets were published. It wasn’t pretty. And his comrades had to step in and ask him to cut back on the toxic masculinity. He was hijacking the freakout from those more directly impacted.

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An appropriately contrite (not to say emasculated) Hogg then tweeted:

It’s the right thing to do if you’re a cis man (we’ll take his word for it). Hogg needs to remember his place in the hierarchy of victimhood and defer accordingly. Really David, you’re a lefty. You’re never, ever going to lack for stuff to be miserable about. Let the birthing people have this meltdown all to themselves.