SCOTUS Needs ‘Rehab’: Dems Claim Democracy Is Outdated - Move To Pack Court

Eric Scheiner | July 19, 2022
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It is tough to know where to begin with the outlandish, idiotic statements Democratic lawmakers made Monday in their demand to expand and pack the Supreme Court with new leftist justices of their choosing.

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) is always a good place to focus on though, so let’s do that.

Rep. Johnson, is famously nervous that Guam could tip over and capsize if packed with U.S. service members, but he is all for flipping and capsizing the Supreme Court into the murky waters of the left.

“I think that we have been operating - our democracy has been operating under rules essentially established two centuries ago. We have seen in our modern history just recently how our democracy, our form of government is in need of remodeling - rehab,” Johnson said.

Johnson argues this “rehab” of the antiquated concept of democracy is needed because controlling the legislative and executive branches of government are not enough for Democrats, who are upset that they won’t be able to take actions that are in violation of the Constitution. They need to have total control.

“What you should not forget, though, that anything that the legislature passes the Supreme Court is the final arbiter as to whether or not it is constitutional or not,” Johnson said while accidentally noting the purpose of the judicial branch of government.

Later he added, “The future is not bright with their - with the current arrangement. And so that's why we need to pass the Judiciary Act of 2021.”

Johnson is sponsoring the "Judiciary Act of 2021", which essentially bumps up the amount of SCOTUS justices from 9 to 13, so Joe Biden can choose the nominees and tip the scales in the favor of leftists.

Johnson went through a litany or reasons he didn’t like many of the SCOTUS judges, but really went over-the-top while describing his issues with Justice Samuel Alito.

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“The de facto head of the United States Supreme Court, none other than Samuel Alito, is a spry 72-year-old. You can see the gleam in his eye as he thinks about what he wants to do to decimate the rights of people and put us back in the dark ages. He's going to be there for a while.”

Johnson is a spry 67-year-old serving his eighth term in Congress (he’s been there a while), his measure would bring us to the dark days of mob rule. His bill has some support in the House and Democratic Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts are supporting the move in the Senate.

Perhaps the ones that need "rehab", are the lawmakers who are addicted to their desire of total control of all branches of government without checks and balances.

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