SCOTUS Justice Anthony Kennedy to Retire, Replacement Could Sway Direction of Court

Nick Kangadis | June 27, 2018

It appears that a swing-vote on the U.S. Supreme Court could be lean more conservative in the near future.

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced on Wednesday that he will retire as soon as President Trump’s nomination for his successor is confirmed.

According to NBC News:

The vacancy will allow President Donald Trump to make the U.S. Supreme court a solidly conservative body for years, if not generations, to come — a towering legacy of his time in office.

Kennedy's departure, which had been rumored for months, could also put in doubt the future of a nationwide right of access to abortion.

Gotta love how NBC points out that they might not be able to continue to murder babies if the court becomes any more conservative or Right-leaning.

Kennedy’s decision comes on the same day that the Supreme Court ruled against labor unions practice of forcing “fair share” fees on state government workers who don’t want to be part of a union.

At 82 years of age, Kennedy is currently the second oldest sitting justice on the Supreme Court, next to 85-year-old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.