Chopped Off! - Senators Argument Against Transgenders In Sports Deleted

Scott Giebel | May 28, 2024
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An Op-Ed on transgender athletes written by Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) was deleted for “inflammatory” language.

The Op-Ed on transgender athletes was published across multiple Gannett-owned newspapers in the state and later quietly deleted, according to an article by the Tampa Free Press.

Now you may be asking yourself, 'What did Kennedy say that would make Gannett delete his work?' Well, it is not as bad as some may think.

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Kennedy used NBA star Zion Williamson joining a youth basketball league as an analogy, "simply because he identified as a 12-year-old," noting that "no middle school boys" would be able to stop the NBA star from winning.

Kennedy's piece argued that transgender activists want athletic institutions to ignore the obvious physical differences between the sexes so transgender athletes can feel included, even if it hurts biological girls in the process.

"Many fair-minded people reject the idea that women and girls who work hard to develop their athletic talents must sacrifice their opportunities, privacy and safety to promote gender activism. I’m one of them," Kennedy wrote. 

The piece was originally published on May 11, but by May 14th the Op-Ed was removed from websites without notifying Kennedy.

Gannett, a parent company of USA Today, claimed the main reason for the deletion was due to “inflammatory” speech that did not meet their “ethical guidelines”.

"USA TODAY Network apparently does not like the way I express myself," Kennedy said.

Kennedy further claimed that they act as “speech police."  "Drunk on certainty and virtue, they think they are our moral teacher."

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