Science Teachers Association's New 'Gender-Inclusive Biology' Guide Prefers 'People With Ovaries' Over 'Women'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 22, 2022
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It’s always fun to see language-manipulators tip their proverbial hands at the outset.

And such is the case with a recent release from the gaggle of tax-connected “educators” comprising the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).

It’s a new “Framework” or “Guide” called, “Gender-Inclusive Biology: A framework in action” – which, by its title, openly admits that the NSTA is turning away from scientific reality.

Because, in reality, biology dictates gender. There is no other path, no other source.

But these woke “teachers” employ a label that one suspects leftists will use a great deal. They write, “Gender-Inclusive Biology.”

Which implies that gender is not founded in biology, and that biology now can and should be redefined to include “gender,” and that the very words “male” and “female” are not fixed and biologically determined.

In other words, they push the concept of "anti-biological biology."

Writes Spencer Lindquist, for Breitbart:

The guide, titled ‘Gender-Inclusive Biology: A framework in action,’ provides teachers ‘practical strategies for teaching about gender, sex, and sexuality in biology.’ Among the guiding principles is a pronounced belief in “affirmation” and “anti-oppression.’ ‘Sex verification in sports’ is one of the practices that is listed as an example of oppression.

That is oppression. That, rather than forcing girls to include in their public school sports males who pretend to be female.

The guide includes a section titled ‘Building Continuity in Gendered Language.’ The section explicitly tells teachers to avoid terms like “mother,” instructing them to substitute it for ‘gestational parent.’ The word ‘males’ is also disposed of in favor of ‘XY individuals.’

Beautifully Orwellian.

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Kind of like “birthing people” instead of “mothers” – the latter being a clearly offensive term Nancy Pelosi, the House Mother herself, wants stricken from all House documents.

Another diagram in the guide does away with depictions of men and women in an attempt to be ‘inclusive and universal,’ instead referring to them as ‘people with ovaries’ and ‘people with testes’ respectively.

Yeah. Rather than use the terminology that seemed good enough for God, these “science teachers” (most of whom teach at or used to teach at tax-funded schools) want to reverse the trend of human language, and make it more complicated, less useful, and blind to reality.

One of the action-items included in the guide is to "Help students recognize recurring injustices…”

Of course, the fundamental injustice – that of ordering other people to pay for public schools, regardless of what is taught – is not part of this calculus.

What a shock.

The devolution of government schools has been evident for a long time. Collectively (pun intended) they are the home of postmodernist indoctrination, of communistic caterwauling where dissenters are labeled the uncaring bad guys.

Because, of course, use of labels is key to collectivist political victories.

And reshaping the language allows liars to peddle falsehoods as reality, allows authoritarians to claim that men are women and women are men, that war is peace and freedom is slavery.

Those are all part of the sad, corrupt, public school, progressive “bargain,” and it will not stop until people lift their kids out of the tax-funded “education” swamp.

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