'The Science' is Settled: Fauci Stepping Down from Federal Gov't in December

Nick Kangadis | August 22, 2022
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“The Science” is leaving the federal government after nearly 40 years in charge of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and over 50 years in government.

Dr. Anthony Fauci announced on Monday that he will, in fact, be stepping down from his position as the top medical adviser to President Joe Biden and as the NIAID director.

The New York Times reported that while Fauci is leaving the federal government in December, that doesn’t mean he’s done recruiting for it. He's "not retiring in the classic sense" and wants to "pursue the next chapter in his life."

“So long as I’m healthy, which I am, and I’m energetic, which I am, and I’m passionate, which I am, I want to do some things outside of the realm of the federal government,” Dr. Fauci said in the interview, adding that he wanted to use his experience and insight into public health and public service to “hopefully inspire the younger generation.”

Awesome! Nothing like a career-long government bureaucrat recruiting more aspiring career-long government bureaucrats.

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For his part, Biden released a statement on Fauci’s departure:

As he leaves his position in the U.S. Government, I know the American people and the entire world will continue to benefit from Dr. Fauci’s expertise in whatever he does next. Whether you’ve met him personally or not, he has touched all Americans’ lives with his work. I extend my deepest thanks for his public service. The United States of America is stronger, more resilient, and healthier because of him.

Are you sure about that?

Fauci has been a government doctor for nearly the entirety of his career, as he joined the National Institute of Health (NIH) in 1968.

I’d say happy retirement, but Fauci’s not really retiring, and his track record doesn’t warrant him having a happy retirement.


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