School's In Session: College Kids Change Minds About 'Green New Deal' After Hearing What's In It

Nick Kangadis | February 11, 2019

The Green New Deal, which might as well be called the “Red Deal,” has been gaining traction on the far-left. I’m not really sure why, unless you’re into totalitarianism, but young people seem to think that it’s a great idea to push a plan that seemingly would aid the environment. In reality, it’s nothing more than a ruse to give the government complete power over the people.

Media Director for Campus Reform Cabot Phillips recently went to the University of Miami (Fla.) to talk to college kids about what they think about socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal.”

The students appear to really like the idea of the Green New Deal, but seem to have second thoughts once they hear what’s actually in it.

Watch the video below:


“Sometimes you need to take extreme measures to save the environment,” one student told Phillips, “but I think it’s a bit too extreme.”

Yeah, just a bit.

“Sounds like a reach,” another student said.

Ya think?

People, especially young people, need to realize that the title of “progressivism” is just a flowery way to say socialism. The level of deception on the part of politicians who are just trying to push their own agendas without considering the people has been very well disguised over the years.

These students are already in school where professors are indoctrinating them as fast as they can churn them out. Maybe, just maybe, an experience like the one in this video will teach them to do a modicum of research before blindly agreeing with anything a politician puts out there.