School District Teaches Kids How to ‘Defend Yourself From Enforcement’ of Laws

Eric Scheiner | March 9, 2017
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The Sacramento, Calif., City Unified School District kicked off its "Safe Haven" campaign for undocumented students at a local high school Tuesday morning. 

According to KTXL, the school district decided it would start it’s “school is a safe haven: all are welcome” campaign “in response to devastation teachers and students say they noticed the day after the presidential election.”

The school district is now offering snowflakes pamphlets informing students of their rights during potential run-ins with immigration authorities as well as hanging up colorful banners and lawn signs to promote inclusion. 

One sign captured on video teaches children the important lesson of not cooperating with authorities.

A “What To Do If ICE Comes To Your Door” sign informs students not to open their doors and to tell immigration officials, “I plead the 5th Amendment and choose to remain silent.” It also urges students to “join local team support groups to help defend yourself from enforcement.”

Yes, that's right kids, “defend” yourselves and work to prevent proper enforcement of America’s laws. Great lesson. A lesson the Sacramento City Unified School District is making available for students' parents also.

The Sacramento City school district will open its campuses to legal professionals who can give students and their parents guidance on immigration issues, according to the KTXL report.

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