School Board Member to Host 'Open Mic Night' For LGBTQ Kids - At Her Sex Shop

Brittany M. Hughes | May 18, 2022
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A school board director in Washington State is hosting an “open mic” night for LGBTQ youth “ages 0-18” – to be held at the adult sex shop she owns.

Still think this isn’t about getting to your kids?

According to this, Jenn Mason is the school board director for Bellingham School District in Bellingham, Washington. She also owns a local “all-ages” sex shop called “WinkWink,” where she sells sex toys, bondage gear, and lingerie, and where she hosts classes on sex and self-pleasuring.

Sorry you had to read that.

But it looks like Mason wasn’t content to simply own an adult…er, toy store (which, ironically, is billed as a "woman-owned, inclusive, all-ages, NOT CREEPY sex shop") and separately serve on the school board – now, she’s combining her for-profit enterprise and her need to indoctrinate other people's children by hosting an “open-mic night” for gay, queer and trans kids to share poetry, sing, whatever. The event is to be held at the sex shop. (To their very minimal credit, the school board says that neither it - nor the school strict - has anything to do with the event.)

But it’s totally fine! Mason says the kids will be “physically separated” from all her adult-themed paraphernalia by a curtain during the two-hour event.

Paraphernalia like this.

If you're uncomfortable with a local school board official hosting a gathering for children next to rubber genitalia and blow-up dolls, Mason wants you to know there's no pressure to show up.

“As this is a public event at a private business, anyone uncomfortable with the location may choose to not attend,” she said.

Which, hopefully, will be everyone. But then again, it’s Washington State.