Schiller: NPR Has "No Particular Bias" and Accusations of Being Liberal is a "Perception Issue"

Joe Schoffstall | March 7, 2011
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National Public Radio President Vivian Schiller held a luncheon at the National Press Club today to speak of NPR's new endeavors as well as stating the case why they should not be stripped of federal funding. Questions at the event had to be written down beforehand, and were later read to Ms. Schiller by a moderator. When asked "Do you believe there is an imbalance at NPR in terms of liberals and conservatives in the newsroom? If the answer is 'yes' what do you propose to do about it?" Schiller responded by saying they get a "tremendous amount of criticism for being too conservative as well" and wishes those people could be in their editorial meetings so they could see what goes on. She then states NPR's journalism reflects "no particular bias." After, she says there's no question it's a "perception issue" that some believe NPR is liberal in nature.

By the way, here's an entire archive of specific examples of NPR's liberal bias at our sister site NewsBusters.

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