Scarborough Gone Psychic: Trump's 'Gotta Know He's Going to Lose' in 2020

Nick Kangadis | November 13, 2018
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Folks, there’s no other way to say this — Joe Scarborough has jumped as high as he can off the diving board, straight into the deep end of insanity and gone full dumbass. Honestly, I was looking to report about the typical insanity that comes out of the mouth of not-sure-what-he-does-anymore Donny Deutsch. But Scarborough’s own comments, in the form of a quasi question, just goes to show that you shouldn’t stand in front of a microwave for too long.

Scarborough’s brains are officially scrambled.

On Monday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Scarborough was in a discussion with Deutsch concerning the developments from the recounts in the midterm elections. That’s when Scarborough interrupted Deutsch in order to shift the focus to 2020.

As if he were some sort of psychic, Scarborough asserted that President Trump knows he’s going to lose in 2020. He didn’t pose this as a theory. Scarborough said what he said as if it were a certifiable fact.

“Do you really think, as things continue to get worse and worse for him [Trump], that he is going to put himself on the ballot in 2020 knowing he’s going to lose?” Scarborough asked Deutsch before giving himself the answer to his own question. “Because for all of his failures, he’s gotta know that he’s going to lose.”

Take a look at Scarborough’s comments below (Clip runs from 11:00-13:11):


Does Scarborough know something the rest of us don’t? Whether you like Trump or not, isn’t this kind of rhetoric the type that contributed to his victory in 2016?

I really wish people like Scarborough stopped calling themselves journalists. Granted, journalism isn’t anywhere near what it used to be. Heck, some people — yours truly included — think that true journalism is already dead. But for people like Scarborough to say the things he says, and then present them as if what he’s saying is some foregone conclusion, is what any responsible journalist would deem irresponsible.

These are the same people who constantly pushback against any talk that they might be biased, and then they say things like this that anyone with any kind of hamster turning the wheel in their head would recognize as bias.

You’re a shameful person, Joe. Please give us more nuggets of wisdom that you somehow know are going to happen. Thankfully, you’re wrong more times than you’re right. Just be glad that working in the media affords you the opportunity to consistently lie and spread propaganda while enjoying the type of job security you do.

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