Say What? Sen. Menendez Claims Trump Is Making Illegals With DUIs ‘Criminal’

Eric Scheiner | February 12, 2019

Sen. Bob Menendez (D -NJ) blames President Donald Trump's administration for making it "criminal" for illegal aliens to have DUIs.

Menendez appeared on CNN's Situation Room Monday, where he was asked about Democratic efforts to cap the number of beds in Immigration and Custom Enforcement detention centers. 

"The reason that they are already 8,000 over their budgeted amount, so they're violating the budget, is because of the president's zero-tolerance policy that has turned everyone, regardless of their record, into a criminal," Menendez said. 

"For example, if you cross the border undocumented he has now made you a criminal.”

"If a person has a driving while under the influence violation, he is now making that - saying that that's a criminal," Menendez added.