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Say What?! Pro-Abortion Rep. Al Green: ‘I Rise On Behalf Of These Babies’


Whoa! Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) actually stood up on the House floor “on behalf” of babies! Sadly, it was what you would expect from Green.

Al Green, the lawmaker who has received an 100% voting score from Planned Parenthood decided he would paint himself as the champion of babies on Wednesday. It was a bizarre floor speech calling for the free movement of babies across rooms and, as usual, Green ranting for the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Watch the video above, or try to comprehend the madness in the Green quotes below:

I rise on behalf of the many people who understand that there is a humanitarian crisis at the border. The many people who believe that babies ought not be confined in small confined places, where they have to trip over each other if they want to traverse from one side of the room to the other. 

These are babies. I rise on behalf of these babies and I rise on behalf of the many people who believe that if these babies were white babies the response would be vastly different. We know that we would not tolerate what is happening in this humanitarian crisis if these were not people of color. 

We wouldn't tolerate it if they were white. We ought to treat all babies the same. We know that this president is a bigot and we know that this policy at the border is rooted in bigotry. 


Uh-huh. The man that votes in favor of killing babies every chance it comes up, is now claiming to "rise" up for babies. 

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