Say What? French President Says Africans Have Too Many Kids

Maureen Collins | July 10, 2017
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According to French President Emmanuel Macron, Africans are just having way too many children. 

Macron spoke at the G20 summit this week in Hamburg, Germany about the problems facing Africa. He said that the continent's problems of extreme poverty, famine, and political unrest could all be solved by a "demographic transition."

Most likely, this is a polite way of saying wealthy countries need to pump more birth control into impoverished African nations. Nice.


Macron barely hides his incredulity when he speaks of women having seven or eight children. C'est problematique!

Meanwhile, the French are having the opposite "demographic transition." In 2015, France hit its lowest population increase since 1976. Many countries in the European Union are facing an uncertain future with similar population declines

Not only is Macron's statement condescending and offensive, it's revealing. European nations are completely oblivious to the value of life -- at their own peril. 

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