Sauna Installed at a Burger King in Finland


The Fins LOVE saunas. It’s estimated that there’s one sauna for every three people in the nation, and you can now add one more to the list.

A Burger King (Home of the Whopper) in Helsinki just opened a sauna inside of one of their restaurants.

The sauna can hold up to 15 people. The fast food giant is currently trying to figure out a way to put tables inside of the sauna so that hungry Fins can order and eat while, at the same time, building up a healthy sweat.

This particular Burger King is really more like a spa than an eatery. The restaurant has a laundry room, dressing room, a 48-inch TV and a Playstation 4. (But you won't find any XBOX 360's at this fine establishment. What do you think this is? A Wendy’s?)

According to the website Euromonitor International: ”The concept takes the idea of a unique dining experience to an extreme, offering both entertainment and functionality for Finnish consumers who see saunas as an integral part of their local culture."

Of course, this type of luxury does not come without a price. If you’d like to spend a day living like a true king of the burgers, it will cost you about $280. But think about it. It is imperative to your health to have a place to sweat out all of the toxins that you just ingested.

In this age of political correctness, it is important not to judge other cultures that differ from our own. 

Except for this one.

This is freaking stupid.

Finland should not be allowed to be a country anymore. 

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